He's been flirting and wants me to hang out. What is this guy's deal?

The guy I've been into since summer confuses the hell out of me. I've known him three years and he's a really great guy. When I say 'great guy', I mean he's sweet, nice, and respectful. We started talking when him and his girlfriend were broken up, and although we liked each other, he didn't want a relationship. Which was fine with me..at the time. During the summer we would text and talk until all hours of the early morning, he admitted to me that he liked me a lot but still loved his ex-girlfriend. Eventually, we lost touch for a little while. He's back with his girlfriend, but we've been talking again, he's been flirting and wants me to hang out. What is up with him?

Oh, the only reason why I know he's such a great guy is because he's my best friends older brother. Horrible, right?


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  • Sounds a little relative here.

    I will have a little punt and say that he went into emotional recluse when he broke up with his girlfriend for the first time, and that could have been while he did not have his promiscuous attitude out in full gear, because he was weighed down with all that emotional baggage that comes after ending a relationship. Now that he's back with his girlfriend, he has probably regained the confidence that was naturally there and he's behaving like he usually would. If you feel a bit evil, you could seduce him.


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