He grabbed my butt right away, is that a red flag?

Okay don't laugh at me I know this sounds silly but what would you think about this. I was on the third date with this guy and he still hadn't kissed me from shyness or something so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I planted one on him and suddenly he was squeezing my booty like there was no tomorrow. Isn't that kind of disrespectful? I think most nice guys wouldn't touch my butt until we had kissed a few times and moved on to making out on the couch or something.


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  • I think you're asking the wrong questions here.

    Did you or did you not enjoy the physical aspect of what he did.

    Obviously, you're questioning the principals of why he did what he did, but in terms of what you did to spur it, I would infer that in his mind, kissing him first was your way of telling him that he was moving too slowly.

    So he probably thought that by taking things that much further, he was meeting you half way.

    Whether or not it was appropriate for the span of time you two had been seeing one another is irrelevant if you actually liked it.


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  • Lol, that's really weird. It does seem disrespectful right after a first kiss. I would've been weirded out too. I'd move his hand away or say something about it so he doesn't keep going and get the wrong idea.