Why has he suddenly stopped texting me first?

I really like this guy, and we went to the movies together last Saturday, but ever since then, he hasn't texted me. For the past three weeks, he was almost always the one to initiate a conversation over text (and he seemed pretty into me), but now I have to. When I do text him, he responds as usual, and he still acts the same towards me when we're in person. Also, it was pretty fun when we went to the movies together, so I don't know if that would be the reason for this sudden lack of communication, but I don't know... What gives?


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  • Maybe he got tired of having to initiate all the time. He was probably feeling like you might not have been too into him if you don't ever contact him first. He also could've felt like he was bothering you by texting first all the time, so he cut back on it. Things like this is give and take. You have to participate in the relationship too :P

    Just text him when you want to say hi, or respond when he texts you. And obviously, find times to hang out with each other too.


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  • I'm in a similar situation.

    We went on a date, then he stopped talking to me. We would talk all of the time, and then almost nothing.

    I tried talking to him about it, and he admitted that he was unsure of what he wanted (translation: let's be friends).

    That's not what I wanted, but I said okay.

    But ever since that conversation, he has been talking to me almost as much as he was before.

    I guess my answer to your question is simply to be honest with him...

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