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A girl I've been kind of seeing started to be sort of distant. Going from talking to her almost everyday to once a week. She did lose her phone for about 5 days though, when I finally got a hold of her, she just made small talk with me, that she's been really busy with family stuff and work. She asked me to call her in a couple of days if I wanted to. Which I did, she did not answer her phone. I left a message suggesting that we should go out get a drink tonight when I get off work. No call back, no text message.nothing. Should I call her back in a few days or text her? Or just not get a hold of her at all and wait for her to call me?


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  • Stop calling/texting her completely.

    In fact, don't be on pause mode for this girl. Just move forward, and talk to other girls. If she's interested she knows how to get a hold of you. If not, then you'll be busy talking to other gals, and she'll be doing whatever.

    People like this are a waste of your time, the quicker you delete them out of your mind, the better.

    • yep, she can't use as a back up. And drag you along like dog by never respecting you.

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  • Big mistake askin her out 4 a drink without her answerin her phone. What I would tell ya to do is DON'T call or txt her at all for at least 2 weeks. If she calls or txt's you before then don't answer straight away or don't txt back staright away give it a few hrs then ring her back or txt her back tell her you doin summit. You now have 2 play it cool if you don't u'll loose her. If she doesn't call or txt and those 2 weeks then send her a text simply just checkin in wither her c how things r. that's it. Give her a day or so 2 get back 2 ya and if you ain't heard anythin 4get her she ain't interested. Most important is you have 2 play it really cool like ur startin out again as she knows you want her and that's a big mistake.

    • Will agree with this gal. Mind games are really highschoolish, but everyone in the states is playing them....even if they don't realize it.

      So play the love game. And when they say, "I don't judge" they sooo do.

      And if she doesn't call move on!

  • this is a tricky one. I don't know what kind of girl she is but there's two probable routes:

    1. for whatever reason, she has decided to play hard to get. even though we all know boys don't really respond well to hard-to-get and lose interest.

    2. she wants to blow you off. but is too chicken to tell you to your face.

    it seems like you really want to get with this girl though.

    if you still want to try. try becoming friends with her girl friends. girls trust the opinons of their friends than they do their own. get her girl friends to like you. and she'll probably want you too.

    anyway. STOP calling her. if she calls back or txts or something after a while, you might be able to pursue her more.

    if she never gets back to you. then, well, you know her answer.

    • Yeah problem is, I have a couple of her stuff that she left at my place. Some clothes and a ring. She is aware of it and she did mention that she would like that back. I really don't want to hold on to it, should I just throw it out? or take it to her? (I know where she works) I just don't want to come off as a creeper...

  • You should wait for her to call you.If she really wants to see you she will.Alot of things get hectic when it comes to work and family, so give her some time.She probably is waiting for the right opportunity to give you all of her attention.


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