Is my ex on a rebound?

Me and my ex dated for 2 years. The first year was wonderful. I did a lot of romantic things for her. But the second year I was a lot busier and I still did romantic things for her but not as many as I did the first year. After a while in the second year it started to get more sexual than anything else.

The last month my friends told me that I could get a better looking girl than her. So after a while I started to believe them. The last month we dated we barely talked and we didn't go on a date. We broke up in early July and right after that we started talking to each other like we were dating again. one night she asked me if I started to like another girl. and of course I would have to tell her the truth. I told her I was starting to get feelings for another girl but I don't know for sure. So I asked her the same question and she said that she wasn't getting feelings for another guy. The next night we talk and I ask her the same question again, and she said that she is starting to get feelings for this other guy. She never had feelings for him before and they have know each other since they were babies. She always told me that she only saw him as a brother. But ever since that night they have talked more than just friends. She told me that she doesn't love me anymore. But we talked recently and she told me that she missed everything about me. She told me that when she is with the guy she is always comparing me to him. but she is still with the guy and they are doing everything together like they are dating. and not to be mean but this kid is pretty ugly.

what does all of this mean


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  • it seems that she doesn't want to seem pathetic in the sense that you moved on and she didn't.. also she might be somewhat jealous and she night want to induce these similar feelings on you.

    or she might be over you and looks aren't always everything.. sure its nice to have a good looking person on your side, but the person inside is more important..

    and just because you miss things about people does not exactly mean you want to be with them again.. what some people do not realize is that when you date anybody for any amount of time, the relationship you had with them becomes memories.. and the the more gradual effect it has on people the longer they date..

    personally, I've been in a similar situation, and I miss random things about my ex, but I wouldn't want to go back with him.. it not a matter of if he will take me back or not, its just that I'm into somone else now and that some aspects about a person can be attractive but he just wasn't worth my time... but enough about me.

    if she really loved you she will take you back. if you really love her you will still pursue her.

    not everything has to seem complex, you know , usually it is what it seems. if someone doesn't seem interested, they probably aren't. if she says she misses you, then talk to her!

    • Well I talk to her and everything clicks. it is like old times. we joke and laugh around. but the weird thing is that she told me that she realized that she did love me and should told me that she even told her mom that she loved me.

      i still see her looking at me at church.

      she says she forgives me. and she also said that she is scared to talk to me every night because she is scared I am giong to hurt her again.

    • She will not answer to me when I ask her how she feels. all she says is that she doesn't want to get hurt again and that she is scared

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