Do you think kissing counts as saying I like you, or should you actually say it?

I'm not trying to detect whether someone is interested. I just want to know if you think kissing is enough to say I like you, or should they have to tell you they like you before assuming its understood you guys are dating. Should they talk it out or is kissing sufficient?

Courtesy wise -not proof wise :)


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  • Kissing can happen with or without committment. You have to take it into the context of your relationship. Does he talk to you about you? Does he make extended eye contact? Does he want to be with you all the time? If so, saying it may not be so important. Guys show more than tell. It may just be his style and that is OK if you understand what his style is.

    • So YOU think its OK, it wouldn't bother you if a guy did that without making it clear- if he just assumed you understood he wanted you to be his g.f. because he kissed you?