First date advice needed!

I need some help coming up with a first date idea. I really suck at first date ideas :(... I usually stick to dinner but that now seems lame that I am 20 and I think this girl deserves the extra effort.

I was thinking of having dinner catered with the whole chef coming over and cooking thing. While it is quite a mature thing for someone our age, (both 20) I think it is a good idea. I was also thinking of a Hot air balloon ride being it is most likely something she has never done.

What do you guys think and if you can, please throw in some other idea's or add ons.


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  • No to the hot air balloon.

    I know that I have no desire to ride in one,so there's a chance she might not.

    I could see that as further down the line when you're actually together and such. If you get there.

    The chef coming over would be really nice. But make sure you plan for food she likes.

    You may wanna do something more than just that too. Dinner is just so cliche?

    Take her somewhere fun.

    Somewhere that she feels comfortable being silly.

    Me and my friend both talk about how we want to be able to be silly with a guy as well as serious.

    It's a major factor. So somewhere like Dave and Busters would be fun. Then the dinner at your place.

    That's just my opinion.


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  • Have you ever went to a go-cart place? That would be fun and most girls have never done that :) And well dinner is kinda a must because everyone needs to eat... Lol


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  • Anywhere that you can have fun. Chicks are funny in that that want to be taken seriously but are secretly dieing for an excuse to act like little kids. If you live by the beach I'd take em there. You can walk along the water and make fun of everyone becuase there is always a 1000 different characters at the beach and after you've been walking and talking for an hour or two (and occasionally some horse play!) you can end the day with a dinner you made and eat it on a blanket it while you watch the sunset. Then as it starts to get cold you snuggle up in a blanket.

    And that's how babies are made.

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