First Date Went Amazing, 2nd Date How To Play It? Please Help!

I got this girls number last week, waited two days and then called her, we set up our first date for this past Friday and we went out. We had so much chemistry, and so much in common. We where very touchy flirty, and besides the things she said her facial expressions and body language was very very positive. So we discussed near the end of the 1st date about going out again. So I texted her the next day in the afternoon and just told her again that I had a great time with her and we should get together next Wednesday and watch a movie together (like we discussed) and she said "Okay I'll let you know what my schedule looks like and I will let you know."

So the main question is, the ball is in her court right now. So do you agree that I should absolutely not contact her at all and let her be the one to contact since she said she would let me know? I also don't want to seem to anxious, and to on top of her. I want her to wonder why I haven't texted her in 2 days and actually text me. I mean if she enjoyed the date as much as I did which I know she did, she should text me and I should be patient yes?


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  • Let her text you. It will make her wonder and that means she will be thinking about you so she will text you. If she doesn't text you and it's Tuesday send a text and just be like heyy j/w if you still wanted to hang out or not. just stay simple and don't say to much..

  • You could text her something like...hey sweetie! hope you had a great day :)


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