Do you think an attractive woman in her mid 20's would date a mature 20 year old?

I'm a "nice guy" and I hate that term lol but attractive girls my age seem to think they're too good for me, when I feel I'm reasonably attractive, minus the superficiality they have at my age. its ridiculous honestly, I thought high school was over.

anyways would an amazing woman in her mid 20s date a guy that's only 20 and has his head on straight? thanks


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  • Definitely.

    Or at least, I would imagine she would. xD

    I think for women, age has less to do with attraction than maturity does.

    If you're mature and can conduct yourself in a way that screams "intelligent, confident gentlemen" then I doubt you'd have any problem getting an 'amazing woman in her mid twenties'.


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  • no , I wouldn't because I just don't like guys younger than me but some would

    nothing high school about it ha I'm in high school now and I one of the reasons I don't date is because its more of a game in hs of who can date the most popular / good looking than an actual relationship

    • Yeah I agree... its sad really.

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  • yes... they have, they do... and they will... women LOVE younger men... if she bites... shut up and let it happen!