Is it fine to give someone who is JUST A FRIEND a kiss?

You can do that with just friends, right?

Or is dating just an excuse to grant permission to just do that to the other?

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What Girls Said 1

  • but if that someone has a crush on you and you give them a kiss JUST AS FRIENDS, that's cruel.

    • Is there any point to being in a relationship other than giving the other a kiss?

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    • Seriously? The reasons for a relationship (dating) are as numerous as relationships themselves. It could just be carnal (this guy is good in bed, that girl is hot, etc), or it could be a whole host of other things relating to more serious matters. A shared intellectual persuit, similar general interests....

      It's usually a lot more than just a ticket for kissing.

    • Okay, so if there are many reasons for being in a relationship, then why do people make it seem like the only point of it is to kiss and be kissed, nothing more?

      See, when a girl does it to a guy (when they're not together), the guy's like "YES BE MINE FOREVER". But the other way around, the girl goes "SDGFUYSGDF SEXUAL HARASSMENT"

      So yeah, it seems that really is the only purpose of relationships.

What Guys Said 1

  • Nope if they have feelings and want more than just friends can't be good...