My boyfriend doesn't stick up for me.. what should I do?

So I couldn't get over something that happened 2 months ago. My boyfriend and I are together for more than 1 year, but we've known each other for 3 years. I feel that he loves me truly;and I love him too, more than anything. He respects me and treats me like a princess. His parents don't respect him. He is going to be 19 in two weeks and they still didn't create an own room for him (he shares it with his brother who is 2 years younger Than him) Until we started dating, He thought that that's normal. His parents haven't got any gifts for him (for Christmas, Birthdays, Name day) for about 4-5 years, He didn't get anything for his 18th birthday either.(his parents are rich though, only his mom earns about 2550€ per month + his dad's salary) They fo Skiing every year, but my boyfriend didn't want to go this year to spend more time with me. So on Valentine's DAY his mother texted him saying:you have to come home until 9pm , you need to pack your luggage. I was like? What? He decided he's not going, then his mother kept calling him, threatening him that She will call the police,(wtf?) and that she is going to come and get him. On the phone, she was yelling at him like crazy, and I heard her as she said: what did that STUPID GOOSE tell you to convince you not to come? And stupid goose might sound funny, but it's a big Offense in my country. And after that , my boyfriend shouted at her saying :She is not stupid! Stop it! And stuff but He went with her anyway.. He was crying and I actually told him to go because I didn't want to be like his mother who forces everything. So they meet a few times, like family birthdays and shit, Easter, but i feel bad whenever they do , because I just can't get over this, and he said he can't either, but i feel like He just doesn't stick up for me as much as He should. I even thought about ending our relationship, because I'm afraid that he won't be the man I need (who protects me) What do you think? Am I overreacting? What should I do?
My boyfriend doesn't stick up for me.. what should I do?
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