What is with these guys I'm finding online?

i recently tried online dating and the same thing KEEPS happening...i email/text with these guys, they ask me out and when I agree to meeting up, they disappear and I never hear from them again. what am I doing wrong here?

they're the ones initiating the contact too. they email me, they ask for my #, so it makes me think they're interested but then they vanish?


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  • Probably nothing. Online dating is tough. Face it, you are strangers until you meet and for some time later so it is easy to just end all contact if the person gets cold feet. I have no idea what conversations you have with them and what you say to them or how often you contact them at the point you two have set-up your date. You could be coming across needy and clingy but without seeing what you say, I wouldn't know.

    • It's true - it's definitely hard to online date. the conversations vary & are really casual for the most part. I try to keep it simple until meeting since I don't know much about them & vice versa. it's just so odd how it's the same cycle of them asking me out, I accept & then they never respond.i don't think I'm sounding needy by agreeing, but who knows how they're taking it. I feel like I'm answering the same way I would if a guy asks me out in person, you know? boys!!

    • Well, then, I think you are doing nothing wrong. Good luck with meeting someone, it just takes longer when we are older but it does happen.