Would you end a friendship if you hate the person your friend is dating?

One of my best friends has been dating a controlling woman who is just using him for his money for the past two years. They fight all the time so I stopped hanging out with them two months ago.

Last night my friend called me drunk and asking why I disappeared and haven't been answering his calls or coming over anymore. I told him I've been busy and having money troubles but agreed to hang out with him today.

The thing is the thought of going over there and seeing his girlfriend and possibly having to listen to them bicker with each other doesn't seem fun to me. I'm thinking of telling him I don't want to hang out with him until he dumps the woman.

Would you tell a friend that or have you done that?


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  • No I haven't..

    look !

    If I were you I would just warn him that she were using him & then it is all his decision. I did what I can do so I'm not gonna be another problem to him or be a wall between him & his gf..

    Also I'm not gonna just ignore or end the friendship just because I don't like his gf.. it is him who is dating the girl not you & you don't own him so it is his life ...

    You should warn him if you are sure about her using him.

    Another thing..

    I'd tell him that I dislike his girlfriend that's why I don't want to hang out with them ...


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