Do you think I should I give up?

I need help. I have cultivated a friendship with a guy I dated briefly. We are in regular contact in a friendly way and seem to be getting closer. We no longer go on "dates" but when we do see each other we end up sleeping together and last time he was really affectionate with me and I ended up staying most of the day just chatting and hanging out.

He hosted a club night recently and I didn't go. The next day I got a text saying I was missed.

Does it sound like this guy has feelings for me? it doesn't feel like just a sex thing but we don't see each other regularly enough to be going out, Plus we never ever talk about feelings.

What do you think?


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  • It sounds like he likes you and he might just be shy because he has realized that there is something really special about you and he doesn't know what to do. I think you should ask him every thing and tell him everything and everything should turn OK ;)


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  • I've had a similar experience. I feel like it is a good thing. It's like being friends with each other and learning what he likes and you like and what you're like together before getting into anything serious. Enjoy it while you can. Enjoy the conversations, the closeness when it happens and don't worry about the future or what happens. I certainly am! ;o)