Cant get over summer fling?!

So I met this guy in august for a couple days and spent some time with him. he was my ideal guy of PERFECT.and everything I'm looking for. I usually always pass up other offers from guys because there not who I want..but I could trult see myself with this guy. he asked for my # and for a hug and we flirted. and he told me to text him sometime and I did a couple times afterward, but then he never kept in touch with me agaiin. its been 2 months now..with no contact. and I texted him last Saturday night and I didn't get a reply. he told me when I asked if he was single tht he was dating this 1 girl and he really cared for her but she broke up wth him and he's over her now. but I can't stop thinking bout him. and how lucky the girl he's prob. with right now is. I wish tht was me. I wish he knew how much I liked him. and we live 2and ahalf hours apart. so ill never no. and I don't know how to make this horrible feeling go away. I just can't..


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  • 2 hrs is not that bad of a difference and if anything you should actaully go back and tell him

    • Hi thanks for answering :)

      I'm a new relationship, it was 2 years ago I met Bill (fling) jeeze how time flies.

      I think about him often, about how he is and where he's at in life now. But who knows,

      maybe one day I will. Thanks again

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