Why has he gone quiet?

I hooked up with my ex on the weekend. And the guy that I currently like (he knows I like him) has gone a little weird since he’s found out I kissed my ex. The guy I like now said he didn’t want any relationships because of his bad girlfriend experiences the past few months. I thought this was fair enough and we continued talking, msging etc.. Last night he started talking to me on facebook normally then he asked how my sat night was and I said what happened, then he went all silent and he usually talks to me nonstop for hours. I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing. Then I asked of it was because I kissed my ex and he said na. Anyway…what’s his deal? I'm thinking he’s gone weird because of me kissing my ex….what are your thoughts? Because I just don’t kno why he would act like this wen he doesn’t want me (or any girl) in that way ..


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  • Are you sure he "doesn't want you" that way? He could just be uncertain but still have emotions for you. I'd say, obvious jealousy is obvious. He feels betrayed.

    • Well I'm not sure..i have got the feeling he does like me, but it just confuses me wen he says he wants to be single and is scared of girls etc...

      i really like him and wish I didn't kiss my ex...is there anything I can do to make it OK again? or just give it time?

    • Well I don't really know what else you could do... He should eventually "forgive" you (despite how he doesn't even have a valid, rational reason to be mad at you in the first place) if he values the friendship enough, and also the solution of horror is still there: talk about it, discuss what's up... You should do that in person though, if you can. If not, MSN! But MSN is never the same.

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  • If I liked a guy and I found out he'd kissed his ex I'd jump ship too.

    He doesn't know why you kissed your ex, all he knows is that you did and people generally don't kiss people they have feelings for. He probably thinks you like your ex and might leave him for him (ex) if you two got together.