Too many guys! Help please!!

So I have about 5 guys after me right now. I like 2 of them. And I'm not dating. But 4 of them told me they love me. And I don't know what to say to any of them. I love all of them (as friends) and I hate saying no to them cause I feel bad cause I know they will be crushed. And I'm looking for a boyfriend but I don't know which one to choose. There are two guys totally out of the picture because they get on my nerves. But then I'm not sure how to pick between the other 3. But ANY advice at all that could be the slightest bit helpful will mean a lot to me! so please help me out here, I'm starting to lose my mind. Thanks! =)


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  • These are my thoughts:

    **Pick between the 2 guys you actually like. (There's no need to go for one you're on the fence about or are unsure of, right? You could end up hurting him, too.)

    **Pick the one who seems more genuine of the two.

    **Pick the one who has the qualities that you're looking for in a boyfriend.

    Good luck. :)


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  • You deal with it like every other hot girl, I mean unless you just became hot or something.

    Embrace the attention you are getting and slowly stop talking to the other guys.


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  • well if two of them are definitely out, then you should tell them nicley that you don't want to be anything more then friends. but I'm a little confused because you said that you liked two of them then you said you can't pick between the other 3. what I would to out of the 3 you have left is to let the one you like the least down nicely. then after that you can just choose from there. I really hope this helps and good luck.

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