Why does my ex (who broke up to "move on") continue to walk purposefully by me, but not say anything?

I'm completely confused. We broke up a month ago. No contact since. Now, I have to see him at work. He has, very noticeably to others, walked ny me and talked to a coworker two persons down, but doesn't say anything to me. I don't get it?


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  • he may either have a new friend or is still trying to catch your eye. Who broke up with who?

    • We dated for almost 4 years. We have had difficuly for about 1 year and off-on broke up. Then, a month ago, he said he had to move on. He broke up with me (finally)

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    • He was right when he said he was confused. How do you understand someone that doesn't understand themselves? It's impossible really. He has no clue what he wants at this point which is why he is pulling this crap.

    • Thanks for your opinion. I kinow what I don't want. The last few days has just caught me off guard because I thought he was done and we could be friends.

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  • Well that's why people say you shouldn't date co-workers.

    Second, he's just trying to get your attention and make you think and it seems to be working. He just being immature. Best thing to do is ignore him and act like you don't notice. The more you ignore him it will confuse him ( it might even want him to get more attention from you), hell, pay more attention to another guy that's there if you really want to get under his skin. Hope this helped a little

    • No kidding not dating a co-worker! He's 45 and I thougth we would be able to be friends. Help me understand what his male mind is doing! He broke up with me!

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  • He is your ex, so why do you care? maybe is still wants to get a glimpse of you.

    Ignore him and get your work done.

    Don't let personal matters interfere with your work. bad enuf you two work in the same area.

    • We don't usually work in the same area. We've had meetings. I guess I care because, why tell me you can't be near me anymore because it brings up all these feelings, then get four different plates of fruit in the span of one meeting? I'm trying to understand....

    • He may be 45 years old but he is behaving like a child. He is trying to get your attention. Don't give him the satisfaction of responding, please don't play yourself in front of your other coworkers. Completely ignore him. simple as that. good luck.

    • Thanks for your advice. I am sitting with my girlfriends and not paying him any mind. Today, he "upped the ante." He has been hanging around with another female, coming in VERY late to a meeting etc. It really stinks to have this kind of thing flaunted in front of yu every day.

  • He wants attention from you which is very childish all you got to do is ignore him completely and I'm sure he'll settle his little kettle:)