Fun Question! On first date, put these male traits in order of "Most attractive" to "least attractive"!

This questions assumes you are otherwise attracted to him. Which traits make you attracted to him? Which traits would generate the least amount of attraction?

1)He gives you a compliment when he first meets you; says “That is a gorgeous dress, you look great”.

2) He stays mostly quiet. It’s not easy to get answers from him but he's asking many questions of you and he let's you talk.

3) Touches you on the leg as you are sitting side by side at the bar

4) He’s a little nervous, obviously. He stutters a little, but it's obvious that he likes you.

5) Acts eager to seeing you again / showing a lot of interest!

6) He seems eager to please you, to make sure he appears interested enough. Asks how your drink/dinner is about 3 times during the night.

7) Intense gazing into your eyes with a smile, does this a few different times throughout the night

8) You notice other girls undress him with their eyes; he responds to them with a smile

9) Slightly musky smell, but not unpleasant

10) He says “I’m really feeling a connection here, I’d love to see you again” at about 80% through the date.

11) He has a loud, powerful voice / laugh

12) Talks in short sentences, leaves you thinking about what he's hiding. He doesn't ask too many questions about you.

13) Uses a large amount of sarcasm to tease and/or provoke. He made a comment about how you may look older than you are, but he was obviously kidding.

14) he Gets a little tipsy (not drunk), starts sensationalizing how it would be fun to go on a trip with you!

15) Tells you about how he was almost engaged a couple times; as you were on the topic of marriage.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think that the most attractive traits are:

    1,5, and 7.

    The least attractive traits are:

    2, 12, 15


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What Girls Said 1

  • wow, this is insanely specific. what I find attractive for a first date is him telling me he enjoys being with me with actions not words, so #3 is attractive to me, but #6 and #10 are not. I get turned off if the guy seems too interested in me. Other girls being attracted to him is always nice... but most of those things are quite unattractive.


What Guys Said 1

  • Wow, from the responses so far it seems that girls:

    - want you to pay attention to them

    - don't want you to pay too much attention to them

    - want you to tell them about yourself

    - don't want you to tell them too much about yourself

    - want you to act attracted to them

    - don't want you to act too attracted to them

    I think I'll become a priest...those cute choir boys must be much easier to deal with...