Internet Dating: the approach

Men or women I really don't mind. I decided to start messing around on some of the internet dating sites. Widening the net a little further.

Real life is cake to approach and converse. However, I read up a girls profile I find attractive, like what I read, But find myself sitting on writer's block. I have to laugh sometimes. So, people who have had good experiences. what are some good tips at saying "hi" in those things? examples?

Btw Don't worry about, warning the dangers. I have a knack for busting the scammers and tend to enjoy doing it, a hobby if you will. Thanks for any input/ advice


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  • i tried online dating after breaking up with my boyfriend and I've never messaged a guy though I've checked out plenty of profiles and found that 99% of the guys I checked out sent me a message. Usually the message is really simple. Something like "what's your major?" or something. But then I've had messages that were really long and personalized which I loved. cause they put effort into it. They told me about themselves, referenced what I wrote on my profile, etc. Just have fun with it. Don't take it too seriously

    • And that just answered what I was trying to figure out... If no one has told you your a genius today. Let me be the first!

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