I don't know if if I should date her?

there is a girl who I kinda like .she alright looking people do make fun of her for not being amazing looking. She has gone to third base and I haven't even gotten my first kiss. I don't want to b made fun of because I'm dating her. but I want to do "stuff" with her like get my first kiss and stuff. please help what should I do I'm 17


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  • Man up is the first thing you should do. You don't go out with a girl because you think she'll go to third base with you. You ask a girl out because you like her and you get on well. Besides, who gives a flying f**k what other people think about her looks, it's what you think that's important. For the love of God man, seriously you don't deserve a girlfriend if all you think about is 'doing stuff' with her. There are hookers for that type of thing and if that's all you want then I suggest you get a part time job. In the meantime, if you consider treating girls with some respect, you'll be surprised at what they might teach you.