What's with her? I hate it!

This girl I like, and I assume she likes me too because she offered her phone number and took mine...when we met (1 month ago). She sometimes will ignore my call, text or facebook messages. Like ignore ... because if you don't answer a call you would usually return it...but she doesn't. I don't call more than once. I am about to give up but she isn't always like this. She ignores me sometimes but seems interested other times. She told me how I make her laugh and not everyone can do that...she likes my eyes and lips :D


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  • Hhaa. Alright, well you seem to be doing everything right.
    but are you almost too clingy.? if not, then it's her loss budd.
    don't give up for good, but act like you don't careee..and see how she reacts do that.
    and if she starts talking too you moree, tell her how you feel straight up.



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  • hm, she might just be bad at returning calls...or she is just being a tease/flirt.

    • I think that what it is. tease because she knows that really really teases me. I smoke weed so my patience is very low (she doesn't know I smoke :P) I am not tending to hide it before going to relationship...if I like a girl I would never hide anythin...even if it's a turn off. So ya thanks Rachel

    • Yeah np :). Hope all goes well for you!

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  • She sounds like she's in a relationship buddy. Drop her before you fall in love with her.

    Hope I've helped.

    • Thanks budd, I have kina already fallen. (because of enrique - it must be love) loll also she is single...I know that!

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    • Thanks, and you. Message me and let me know infact!

    • Okay, imma friend you Heteroman