Who has it toughest?

I've generally noticed the bias towards people in looks. As painful as it is, looks are so incredibly important. Without the physical lust despite a wonderful personality, a relationship is impossible to many.

That out of the way, who do you believe have it toughest and what do you suppose they'd do?

I, for one, believe that ugly girls have it toughest in the dating pool. I don't have a list for the rest.

Females are more emotionally inclined and I think are more able to forgive the physical aspect of males. Males can be butt ugly and still land a girl with relatively high physical value. HOWEVER, the homely girls are automatically dismissed by many (tying in with lack of physical attraction = no relationship). It may not even be homely, but the lack of a butt, breasts, you name it. Though those that lack everything AND are ugly on top of it, it's probably most detrimental tot he dating scene.

Yes, I am bitter. :P


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  • When it comes to looks, girls definitely have it harder. I have it pretty tough myself but I know how hard girls have it.


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  • I dunno, I hear girls have it harder but I constantly see "ugly" girls (well others claim they're ugly based on the stupid social mindset, I personally never saw anything wrong with em, but wasn't interested in myself mostly cause I never knew em and they were already with someone lol) with good or decent looking guys and yet I almost never see a good looking girl with an "ugly" guy. But, that's personal experience so it's definitely not necessarily fact.


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  • I think all ugly people have it hard. I personally don't see many ugly men with attractive women, unless they have money.

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