much care is too much care

So a close friend just got dumped by her boyfriend of two years. I'm trying to gauge how she's feeling by letting her start our conversations. We talk every day because she texts or calls me. So I tell her I care about her and blah blah blah... I don't want to scare her off... just want her to know I care how she's doing. She'll send me random texts like, "hi" or "hey" or most recently, "hey bff!!" then I usually let her end the conversation and she'll say "ok talk to ya later xo"

If I don't hear from her do I call/text her? How can I show her I can be her boyfriend and not just her best friend, but I DO NOT want to scare her off by constantly trying to talk to her? Then again I want her to know I care! How much is too much?


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  • It sounds like you're giving just the right amount. Let's say she texts you once every 4 hours. If you don't hear from her in like 6 - 8 hours, I'd drop her a line.

    Also, you may want to be a little more bold and say something like, "I'm sure it's too soon now but when you're ready, I don't think you'll have any problem finding a new boyfriend. I know I'd be lining up for that job if you were accepting applications!" Or something like that but maybe not as cheesy...something that is true and heartfelt but in a funny way. That way, if she's interested she can be like, "really, you would?" but if she's not she can be like, "ha ha, you're so sweet" and play it off like no big deal.


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