What do I tell my mom?

well I just got a boyfriend and compared to the guys I've been with he's worth the chance, and the fact is that he's 19 and I'm 16 about to be 17; and he still hasn't met my mom cause I don't know what she will say about his age. I mean I haven't had a lot of boyfriends and I have been out on dates with like 17 year olds before but she wouldn't let them drive farther than 20 minutes. how do I tell her that I like this guy and we're going out? like what if she freaks? what do I say! I feel like a little kid.


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  • Hey I'm Dr.Kamille Laurince

    A California Theropist

    Well, your mother is just being a mother. Worrying about you, and where you go. She may be a little over protective, but that's just how mothers are. To them your still her little girl. But you have to gather the courage to tell her "Mom I'm Older and more mature now, I can handel men and there ways, you just have to trust me with that responsibility." I'm sure she'll understand just give her time.

    If you have any more questions at all! Email me at Dr.Kamille@yahoo.com

    I hope I helped :]

  • She may be a bit leery but I would tell her right off the bat. Don't expect her to be ok with it. But make sure he meets her and you set some ground rules down seeing as you are so young.

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