Should I initiate a second date or wait for him?

I met this guy on Saturday. He asked me out Tuesday night. We went on our first date last night (Wednesday). It was an amazing time. I had so much fun, and I could tell he did too. We have a lot in common, and there was definitely chemistry. He walked me back to my dorm and ended it with a hug and was just like "I had a great time. It was nice getting to know you. I'll see you around." But he never asked for my number... or said nothing about a second date, so I'm just a bit confused. I sent him a message on fb last night after the date and told him what a great time I had and how I looked forward to seeing him again. He still hasn't replied. Where do I go from here? I really want a second date!


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  • Wait for him to reply! Guys will chase you if they're really into it. He probably doesn't wanna seem too into you, so just wait for him :)

    • Thanks! that's what my friends have been telling me too.

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  • don't expect him to do all the work, so if he takes a while, you should initiate


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  • you should initiate only if he takes too long, if you are growing impatient

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