I like 2 girls. Uh oh?

I have this dilemma, I've been putting off asking out a girl I like because simultaneously I like another. Basically as soon as I like one the these girls enough to ask her out, I start falling for the other. There is no noticeable difference in how much I like one over the other.

I don't know what to do.

I require assistance.

PS. Sorry for the depersonalization of "these girls" it is just to make sure they retain their anonymity.

first oops I didn't know I put a question mark there. Second I did ask one of them out, so far it's going well.


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  • It goes back to normal psychology. A guy or a girl, wants what he can't have. A guy wants it all, truth is though, you can't. So your gonna have to choose which girl you want to go after and do it. If that fails, go for the other girl. Don't think too much about it because truth is, we're always interested in more than one person, just on different levels.


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  • best suggestion is to date both but only end up with one

  • Why not just date them both? I mean what, you're 16? It's not like you're madly in love or trying to choose a wife or anything. Date them and see how things go from there, you'll probably end up realizing which one you prefer.

  • Make a list! Pros and cons listed between the two and which one you favor more.


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