Why have I never been asked out?

I am a sophomore in college and I have never been asked out. I actually just had my first kiss which is very embarrassing to admit and that relationship hasn't really gone any further. I just wonder if there is something wrong with me.

People describe me as sweet and cute.

I love scuba diving, drawing, partying, hanging out with friends.

I don't really see myself as high maintenance. I love being outdoors and I don't care if I get a little dirty.

I have brown hair and freckles. I am short and I am skinny.

Somethings that I thought could possibly be the reason for a turn off are:

I hunt. I have shot a bear and I am really good at archery. Some guys get freaked out because of this.

Another reason is that my dad is a doctor so most of the guys in my high school went to him for their physicals. I think the whole idea of my dad seeing them naked kinda freaked them out.

Now I am not sure what is wrong with me. I thought it would be different after going to college but it is pretty much the same. I had a fling happen with a guy in one of my classes but he is still hung up on his ex so he broke it of with me to be fair.

I guess it doesn't help with your self esteem when your best friend is GORGEOUS and she gets asked out all the time. Its hard to feel pretty when no one is looking at you but all the attention is on the person your with.


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  • I agree with what snackeyg said - have you ever asked a guy out?

    People seem to forget it can be a two way street and whilst deep down I think every girl wants to be swept of their seat - sometimes waiting around for Prince Charming doesn't really get you anywhere.

    If you've had a fling with a guy, kissed a guy, before- or whatever - then obviously you're not completely unattractive and undesirable. From your description I'd say you definitely sound cute.

    To me, you just sound a little too passive.

    Guys are more nervous about approaching girls (most the time) than we give them credit for; make yourself look avaliable, be friendly and welcoming and don't be afraid to flirt - a little flirting never hurt anyone. Test your feet - I'm not saying go straight out, and ask the first guy to meet if he wants to get married - but get yourself out there. Talk to people, anyone, not just guys. Boost your confidence in meeting new people.

    I know what you mean about the best friend being gorgeous and getting all the attention - mines the same - but looks aren't everything to everyone. I know when my friend has been approached by guys before they've always been happy to get involved in conversations with both of us, and brought their friends over to meet too. If they're the nice kind of guys and not just looking to get in her pants, well, they'll be more than happy to seek your approval anyway.

    And there will be guys in the room, whether you think it or not, that will be looking at you rather than her - different people like different things.


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  • Why have you never asked a guy out? Maybe you don't stand out or are intimidating.

  • hang out with new people?

    and have confidence when approaching men.

    not too much though.

    just try to have a swagger like if you like me or not I'm still gonna be hot

  • Well sounds like you're quite attractive to me.

    If the guys you are looking for are the players that just go for the girl with the best body for a hookup or people who aren't afraid or shy to ask you out, then you should continue what you're doing.

    In my opinion though, most guys are shy, which can explain why you've never been asked out.

    If you notice a guy you're interested, why don't you try and light the spark and start a conversation. Try to break the ice a little bit and show your interest. If the "shy guy" is interested, he'll then have enough confidence to talk to you and maybe ask you out.


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