Would it be too much to ask a guy you like to hang out/do dinner?

-He knows I like him (told him over summer)... he reacted pretty positively but to be honest he hasn't really made an effort to get together since school has started.

-Right now I think he's contemplating if he's interested in me or not, sure seems like it

-We're both busy which is why he said he's totally interested in hanging out but wouldn't be that often right now

-We messaged each other quite a lot on FB back and forth but don't text/call (don't have each others' numbs)

-We go to the same university (kind of irrelevant but thought I'd put it out there)

...so, would it be too much if I message him saying SOMETHING like... "Whelps, I'm getting kind of tired of messaging back and forth, let's grab dinner or something this weekend"... or SOME variant of that.

Please any input would be appreciated. Don't be afraid to be blunt with your response.

Thanks =)


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  • I like your post. its sweet.

    Look. this guy is getting what all decent guys get, when a girl shows clear interest.

    He is after a great girl and any positive reaction (even the slightest) is a good sign.

    Now since you both study together he is unsure about a few things: if you two get together ull become a thing, a couple, maybe there's another girl he's thinking about at uni also, and he doesn't want to throw away his options because he doesn't know yet if he will be happy with you. Its impossible to know this, but a nice guy focuses on having one girl, one decision, a jerk will use them both one at a time.(or at the same time)

    He needs to get over his cold feet. If you think you and he will be happy together, you will only need to be nice to him. Invite him out. Remember the "Date" is not really how it goes.. its more like go somewhere.. let him feel comfortable .. when he feels good about it, he will show some more interest.

    Alternatively, he may be trying to be polite to you despite not being interested. Don't invest too much time into this and have no expectations. Even if you will both become the perfect couple, it may not happen at all for the next 20 years. Fate is a fickle thing. Just be patient (more) and suggest it.

    Next time you chat to him on face book, go with:

    "Hey, would you like to do something sometime?" totally open no matter how busy he is.

    "*His reply HERE*",

    you say: "well we could check out abcxyz restaurant, or go see that new movie." "*

    "*His reply HERE*",

    Also if it comes down to "A date?" then you say: "whatever, lets just go out and if you like it can be a date, and if you dont, then we are hanging out as friends"

    "AWESOME! your the best 'anonymous user'! how considerate of you!"

    You: yeah but honestly it was advice given to me by this totally awesome person ...

    haha maybe omit the end line. Good luck hope that helped.


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  • I don't think that's a good idea.

    If a guy is interested, he WILL get in contact with you and WILL make a date with you. Nothing would stop him from getting a date or your number if he wanted to. It really doesn't seem like it based on everything you said above.

    Good luck.