Should I date a freshman?

I'm a sophomore and I am beginning to like a freshman. He's really sweet and cool but I have already had issues with younger guys this year and don't want anymore. I also don't enjoy the whole "cougar" thing. I like him a lot and I just don't know what to do. I'm positive he like me and if he ask me I don't know whether to say yes or to just stay friends?


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  • I doubt a one year age difference is that big of a deal, generally. Age and gender don't have as much to do with maturity as a lot of people think. For example I'm a junior and my boyfriend is a sophmore, me being a few months older than him - but it doesn't matter. No one makes a big deal about it, and I'm definitely not considered a 'cougar', so I doubt you would be.

    It is possible he falls into the group that is immature, but you'll never know untiil you try, right? I think if you like him you should go for it. If it doesn't work out then it doesn't mean all younger guys are immature - just that that one was (possibly).

  • ok I wouldn't because of one main thing.girls mature faster then guys so if a guy is 15 subtract 5minumum and 10-14maxumum depending on who he so he probly has the brain of a 10year old maximum!lol just my thoughts though

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