Online guy perverts??

Are all the guys on the internet perverted? Every guy that I have talked to in a chatroom are disgusting. All they care about is how you look, they don't talk about anything else. They want to know everything about your body. What the heck? I know that appearances are important, but aren't there any normal guys out there? Going on the internet and being preyed on like some piece of flesh really turns me off of guys! Do these guys actually get attention? If they do, how can girls do that to themselves? It makes girls look like dirt and the guy like a pervert. What a way to taint ones opinion of the oposite sex! Are there actually normal people on the internet? What about online dating? If that is what I get in chatrooms, is online dating the same? Is all the guys care about it just another fling and hot body? Is that why guys go on online dating sites?
Online guy perverts??
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