What is wrong with me? How do I learn to start dating? (21 years old)

I am a 21 year old guy who does not date. Mostly because of lack of trust being in a relationship. I kind of have a feeling it is because I was sexy abused by a family friend for about three years. I also think it has something to do with my mother dying as a young child.

I was hoping someone had some advice about how I could do some self improvement because I would like to start having a gals think of me as more than a friend. I mean I have been on three dates in my life. I played sports in high school and was a captain at least for a couple of games and was involved in school in many other ways.

Now I am in university and doing great as far as school goes. I have a 3.8gpa, in student government and in a leadership position for a club. However, I want to someday look into girls eyes and see her look back into my eyes and see me as more than just a friend. I have a number of female friends, but I am just a friend and I would like to know what it is like to have something think of you has more than a friend.

Though I must state I am not looking for a relationship with that sick thing everyone my age is doing. A.K.A sexy. I basically would like to everyone in a while like maybe once or twice a semester go on a date with a girl and get to know her a little bit.

I am sorry that I went on like this so here is my question. How could I meet a nice girl first, then what are some signs she may have some feelings for me, and finally how do I ask her out and not in a creepy guy way? I do not want to be that creepy guy.

P.S. I am girl stupid I can do Physics and Calculus with no problem, but I do not understand the littlest thing about how girls act when they have feels for a boy or flirt.


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  • Go to bars or clubs, or just plainly walk around campus, there are nice girls everywhere! Flirting can be kinda tricky when it comes to girls, if she overly laughs at your jokes, or plays with her hair, or acts all cute, or touches you a lot, she probably likes you. Just get to be good friends and ask her, "What're you doing this weekend?" and go from there. Good luck!


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  • Nothing wrong with you, you aren't looking for a relationship, so you are doing what you want to.

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