Why can't I seem to get any responses on match.com?

I read a girl's profile before I email her and I make sure I pick something out of her profile to ask about so that it gets her talking about herself.

Here is a link to my profile: link


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  • Your profile picture is really cute so that can't be it. :) One thing that is a complete turn off when I looked at your profile is DIVORCED. I know you want to be honest about things on those kinds of website but when I see that I get very sad. My reasoning is that you already found "the one". I'm not sure why girls won't give you a chance. I would definitely respond to your message. Keep your head up and keep sending messages to girls. They will eventually send you something back. GOOD LUCK! :D

    • Thanks for the feedback, I changed it from divorced to never married. Let's see if it works.

    • Your welcome. And Anonymous's answer up there^^...is true about the lying part BUT I think if the girl is into you then you can tell her that you were married later. I would be a little upset but if I was that into you I would understand.

    • Well we will see how it goes. I haven't received any responses and I have been on there for 5 months so it can't hurt to change my profile for the last month right? I won't be renewing my membership anyways. If I meet someone in a real life situation I would definitely tell the truth if asked.

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  • you changed it from divorced to never married? have you been divorced? Lying is a good way to start anything off. if I found out that he was divorced and lied about it, that would be an immedate turn off. who knows what else he lied about

    The about your date section seems a bit too vague. You included almost every girl under the sun it seems. That makes me think that you're either looking for a booty call or you're desperate

    • No I'm just open minded. I haven't dated much so I'm not really sure what type of girl I like yet. My question was to seek advice on what I could do differently to get responses on match. I figured that since the other girl who answered my question said that divorced is a turn off that maybe I would change it. I wouldn't hide it once I met someone. I've been on match.com for 6 months now and have not received a single response to any of my emails.

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  • Online dating sucks. Don't bother.

    • My membership ends next month. I definitely will not be renewing it. I'm new to the Bay Area and figured it would be a good way to meet people. I was wrong...hahahaha

    • Lol Yeah it seems to somehow work for a lot of people. I've only tried free sites and they failed. No way I wanna pay and have it fail.