Has a rebound worked for you?

I feel like I am going to die, She dumped me after 5 years. should I get in a relationship? to help with this pain.

Well she knows my situation ,and says she doesn't care!


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  • no because you're going to hurt someone else. why drag someone else into your sorry existence? just give it time


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  • No, its not a good idea to jump right into a relationship because if you really loved that person all you are going to do in your new relationship is keep comparing the girl you are dating now to the one you used to date. Rebounds are hurtful to the other person that may want a real relationship and not just to be used as a replacement...

    • She jumped in a rebound as well. that's what's killing me

    • Well that's being stupid of her, just because she did doesn't mean you have to. Take the time to try and have fun and take your mind offa things. Do things that make you happy, go out with friends, and don't think about her-drop contact for a while. Trust me its not easy I had to get over my ex that I was with for years that I'm pregnant to. When you are moved on you will be able to get into a real relationship and be happy again I'm sure.

  • No rebounding didn't work. I was still raw from the breakup with my ex. The rebound played me and I ended up getting even more hurt

    • Well in your case, did you ex brake up with you or you did?

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  • Yes... rebounds work but here's the catch:

    You won't care about her while you're rebounding (if the sex is good) and you won't care about her as much even after the rebound, because the rebound girls always show you new things you might like in a relationship. But in the end, you'll still end up thinking about her here and there. Maybe even miss her. It all ends when you fall in love with a new girl.

    • I'd not listen to the girls... you need time to mourn a little but after that the one and only thing that pushes girls out of our minds is other girls. You don't need to be an asshole about not wanting anything serious but guys do not get over a girl while sitting on their ass. Girls can do that because they don't need to feel like an alpha-male. You do... so go and conquer. This is also the only way you can eventually meet a new girl.

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