Constant texts from strange number?

I'm getting these texts from some guy whose number I don't recognise. It started about 2 months ago and he's friendly but also says he really likes me and is mad about me etc. But yet he doesn't know me! For the longest time I was convinced it was someone from my past playing a prank but I don't think so. I think they would have said so by now.

He's not a heavy breather or anything - in fact he doesn't call me at all. He just texts every so often, like once a week to see how I am.

I've told him if he doesn't know me I'm not interested in keeping contact (cos I was a little creeped out). I have tried being nice, being firm, completely ignoring him (for weeks) and even being downright rude and disrespectful to him to get him to stop contacting me but each time he will wait a week or so then just send me a hello text. He won't bug me but he won't leave me alone either.

I asked him where he got my number from he says he made it up. Yet I've asked this a few times and his answer varies slightly each time. He completely denies knowing me, or that someone gave him my number.

I have blocked him now so I shouldnt' hear any more.

but I'm just wondering - what kind of person could this be?

He's not harrassing me, if I tell him I don't want him to text he will leave me alone bar one text every week or two just to say hi (but he won't completely stop) he seems to genuinely care about me or something. But yet - I don't think he knows me either?


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  • good idea to block him because you have no idea who he really is.

  • He's probably either a friend who is bored and decided to pull a prank on you


    he really did just make up your number and texted