If he doesn't call me the day after the date, is that a bad sign?

All in the title

It was a quick coffee date, he alluded to hanging out again. But it's the next day and I haven't heard from him and no, I didn't contact him either.

What do you think?


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  • Honestly, the better the time I have with a woman on a date, the longer I have typically waited to call her back (but never longer than 3 days). Historically, if I have contacted them the next day, then I feel I come off needy and desperate and nothing seems to progress naturally from there.


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  • No, give it about 3 days then if you don't hear from him then he's either too busy for you or not interested.

  • yes it would probably mean he's doing a one-night stand...but there are signs that he is doing a one night stand

    1 when you ask a question he will get nervouse

    2 he will say he has been to his families place and the library or any other excuse

    3 he will blink every time he lies


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