Ahhh help help! hanging out with crush...

OK so I need some real advice here! I asked my crush if he was free to hang out sometime next weekend and he said he was going to a retreat... but that he should be free the weekend after that.

now I was the forward one and asked him to hang out, but now I want him to text/call (he doesn't have my numb) when that weekend comes... or for HIM to come up with what we could do or where we could go... grab dinner? catch a movie? something chill.

but I want him to do it.. what should I message him back with?


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  • Hey,

    Well.. if he's going to call you he needs your number so:

    1. Go ahead and give it to him however possible - call/text him it, send it to him over facebook, or give it to him in person, any way is fine.

    2. Also, you may want to let him know that you want to go on a date rather than just hanging out i.e. a more direct approach. Feel him out. If he's cool with that then that's great. You can now look forward to a real date. And you can tell him you are a traditional girl and would like him to call you, come up with something to do, etc.

    3. Alternatively, if that isn't your style, say something like "Here's my #, give me a call sometime after your retreat and we can make plans :)" and then he probably will.

    4. And lastly, especially if you go this second route, he may not call you because in life there are all sorts of possibilities. As such, you may have to call him - so be it!


    - Evan

    Women: What to do when he doesn't call? -> link

    • Wow, liking your advice... #3 definitely sounds good :) that way I don't have to be like "ok well let's grab some dinner" like 2 weeks in advance which feels awkward for me... I don't like making plans ahead in time like that so that's perfect. yay!

    • Good luck!

  • Do you talk to/see him frequently? If you do, slip him your number!

    • That's the thing we're both really busy but go to the same university... I don't see him often, we have really different schedules.

    • Do you think he understood your intentions? If not, you need to make sure he does.

      Also, to be honest, unless he has a thing for you, he will probably end up forgetting about it so make sure you remind him a few days in advance!

    • He clearly knows my intentions... the guy knows I like him and has shown signs of interest towards me. the issue here is what should I tell him back over FB about next weekend?

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