When I broke it off with her permanently she started a string of texts. What is this supposed to mean?

So I dated a girl (I'm using girl because her maturity would not fit the title woman) for 3 years. During this time she cheated on me once and I gave her another chance. Right when I told her I was looking to buy her a ring she went out and cheated on me again. When I broke it off with her permanently she started a string of texts. I would like some insight into what the hell these were supposed to mean. I never responded to any of them and I don't think I should.

Text 1 I don't know why you came across my mind at 1:22 in the morning, but I just wanted to say that I hope you're happy and doing well, although you don't give a sh*t what I have to say

Text 2 I found a poem you wrote me today while I was cleaning... It made me smile, despite everything.

Text 3 Picture of her dog...

Text 4 The struggles people face I movies always seem to have the simplest of solutions. I wish real life were that easy

Text 5 Picked out a new pair of sunglasses today and then realized they were Ray Ban's. That amused me because I used to always ask "who the hell is he?"

Text 6 Another picture of her dog

Text 7 (Final Text) I now appreciate the fact that you always make a decision and stick to it. More people need to be like that.

Again I never sent a single response during this time. I was hoping somebody could explain to me the logic behind all of these and what I should do about it!


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  • if you don't like her anymore then you should just block her number.

    I dated a guy for awhile and I didn't like him. I kept on telling him that I wasn't going to date him. So we broke it off. But I missed the constant "texting" and getting attention! you know, girls like to feel like they are being thought of, and they are being liked. So she just telling you that she wants you to think of her and she wants you to know that she thought you really liked her and it makes her feel good or something (not sayign this is right, you will have to dig in her brain yourself to figure that out). But anyways, I kept on calling the guy with a block number and my friend L told me that I was in love with him when I was NOT in love with him because I thought of him as a man whore, who liked to club and drink too much and I could NEVER date him, but I just missed how much we talked on the phone, how much time we spent with each other (every afternoon I had off we would go out to eat or go shopping) and how much he texted me... but I was NOT in love with him. I was just prank calling to hear his voice so that I felt I got attention and I got someone who liked me a lot to give me attention... that was IT. I didn't want him. Good for me that I realized this soon enough and seriously blocked him off facebook/myspace/my phone... and stopped calling him prank calls and moved on. Maybe she's just trying to slowly MOVE ON from you... and she is realizing that YOU don't want her so she is trying to but she is having a hard time so she texts you these things. Help her to move on by yes, don't text back. DON'T call her either (in case you were going to). This is just my input. good day =)

    • Thanks for the feedback! Finally some sense to this stuff! And don't worry I was not planning on contacting her ( I haven't for 10 months now). This makes a lot more sense. I figured if she did something again I would tell her that I have no interest in her and she needs to move on, unless you think I should just keep up the silence I have been doing?

    • 10 months of NC and you are still confused?

    • Not confused about my decision, I just always wondered why she bothered to send these messages. I stand by my decision and know it was right. Just always wanted to know what was up ith thee seemingly weird messages, and being that I just found this site it seemed like a good way to have them translated.

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