What are his motives with me?


Ok so me and my boyfriend met a month and a half ago on tinder. I'm 22 and he is 28. I'm in college. We got together as boyfriend and girlfriend on our first date. He has a son and 3 other possible kids by different girls he had serious relatiobships with. The only thing is that he talks about himself a lot never asks about me really. He changed after prison. He is always speaking positivity. He is an ex felon (for a robbery) and he got out in 2016. He is blessed with a job working at la fitness as a membership counselor and bouncer at a bar. He doesn't make a a whole lot of money but he says we are a team. I was letting him stay in my dorm with me because he is living at home with his mom now to help her out and he is kind of homeless. He owes 3,000 for his liscense and he wants a car so he is trying to save up for that. He wants me to quit my job making less than minimum wage to drive uber so i can make enough money to help him get his liscense back but i'm not comfortable driving even though i have my liscense. He says he will buy me a car and teach me but i really need to focus on school its near the end and im just not comfortable driving. He said he loved me really fast. We have our fingerprints on eachothers iphones. He does take me out. I paid a couple times. He talks about the future and says he wants to live together and all that. He says he knew i was the one for him the first time he saw me and that i’m a sweet person and he loves that about me.
What are his motives with me?
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