Should I ride it out and see if he calls, or just hang it up and move on?

Here's the deal. I am dating this guy 2 months now. He made it official. We worked together until he recently moved and transferred to another store. We see each other at work and see each other a couple times a week outside of work. Lo and behold, he didn't tell me he transferred or his new address. I found out when I went into work on his last day. He said he thought I knew. Well he doesn't have a phone so he told me once he gets moved and settled in he would call me from the work phone until he gets his new phone. What's up with that? When we're alone we have a great relationship as well as at work so I am totally confused on where I stand. Should I ride it out and see if he calls or just hang it up and move on? Just to let you know he's a really big partier and I'm not but we respect each other on that. Any comments or advice would be helpful. Thanks.


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  • has he met another party girl at his new workplace? is he still settling in at his new workplace so he's busy? if he gave you no means of staying in touch when he left, could he have LDR issues and was trying to let you go?

    • I really don't think there's another girl. He just finished moving this weekend and started work at the new location this week. He told me he would call me this week either on his roommate's phone, work phone or when he gets his new phone. He wanted me to come to the new location to see him but I want him to initiate the contact since he forgot to tell me about the transfer which he said he would. He's very independent and does not like to ask to borrow the roommate's phone or anything else

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