I started dating a girl recently, but she just told me that she's Bi-sexual? broke up with her ex last night but isn't talking 2 me much W W Y do?

I've been dating this girl for 2 weeks and she said she lived with her best friend? Well last night she called me at 1a. m in the morning and I went to pick her up cuz she got in a physical altercation with her friend/Lover... anyways after I picked her up I took her home to her parents place cuz I had my children here at home. Anyways I've only got a few texts from her all day and night? I'm starting to worry... or should I NOT? I dunno what to do bout the whole situation? I even invited to take her out for dinner? Come on a walk with me this evening to get her mind off that whole situation and she said she wasn't ready to go on a walk and looked like shit? That was the last text I got from her 12 hours ago... What would u do in my shoes? Please any opinion helps!


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  • She's obviously very hurt, I would suggest that you let her have her space, don't force her to do anything or force anything on her... Make her feel like she can be comfortable and safe with you...

    • Word bro thanks a LOT my dude I appreciate the wisdom and tellin me what to do!!! I gave her the space and now she's starting to show a lot more interest...

    • Lol sorry I thought u were a guy !!! By the way your worded and sounded like you've Been in that type of situation before?

    • Im happy to help and glad that things are getting better for you... I have been through so much in my life and in relationships so that's why I could relate to you and advice you on this because something very similar happened to me... by the way, thanks for the MHO...

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