Why doesn't my boyfriend like to go clubbing with me?

Okay so me and my boyfriend are 18. We both LOVE clubbing, dancing, drinking and everything.
When we go to house parties we have loads of fun but when it comes to going to clubs he prefers to go with friends and finds it weird to go with me too? I dont understand why because we both love partying and we love eachother. Also i know all his friends and he knows mine, and we all get along so i dont get why he doesn't want to go together.

Is it because he's not used to being in a relationship or is it normal to go out just with friends?
Thank you


Most Helpful Guy

  • There's definitely a stigma to suddenly bringing your girlfriend to things that you used to do with your mates. Perhaps while his friends like you, they want to carry on going out as a group?

    • this makes a lot of sense. i get a bit annoyed when he never wants to go out with me though, and i tell him we have to go out together sometimes too but he just says maybe which usually means no. how should i respond?

    • I think it's pretty healthy to have nights off and spend time with friends. Perhaps explain to him why you want to go with him, it's not that you don't trust him, it's that you want to have fun with him too.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Sounds like he’s cheating

    • i know he's not and he would tell me if anything happened, he just wants to party with mates

    • Mmm I don't know. I still think he is

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