Relationship problem?

Cut a long story short I known this girl 5+ years and we always seem to flirt. But about 5 months ago I became single and I started spending time with her while she was with her boyfriend she use to ask me how she should break up with him etc. Anyway we started going to dinner and going to the theatre etc. So there I'm 3 years older. When we go out she 9/10 comes back to my house where we watch t. v. and chat normally on my bed and she like it when I played with her hair. So about 3 months ago she became single. Then she seemed like she didn't want to know me we had a conversation and she said she had so much work on so I let that go, so we went out and it felt like it use to the flirting etc i asked her about dating and i she said atm she's not looking or wanting to be in a relationship so i said okay but if it because u dont wanna be with me just say so and she said no its not that i asked her if she had any feelings for me and she said she doesn't wanna tell me so it's comming up her birthday and some of you would say stupid of me but I got use a weekend away. I booked this a month before her birthday. Now I told her a few weeks ago and she said it was good and she is looking fw to it. Then she's gone a bit of the radar. Then my friend has see her pop up on tinder. So I feel like i been betrayed but I shouldn't as I'm on tinder to but she known if she said let's date I would drop tinder like no tomorrow. Our weekend away is comming up in a few weeks.

What should I do?
Is she playing games.
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  • No she's just doesn't know what she wants
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  • I think you're trying too hard. She just got out of (what I'm assuming) was a serious relationship. She probably isn't really ready to jump back into dating or maybe she just doesn't want to date you specifically. Either way, it seems to me like you're wasting your time here. Also, you weren't "betrayed" since she never committed to dating you or said she wanted to.

    I understand that you may feel upset about it if you thought you would be together after her relationship ended but sometimes people change their minds or maybe she just realized that another serious relationship isn't the right thing for her right now. So, I would just recommend giving her some space. You can spend this time focusing on yourself instead or looking elsewhere for other women who may be ready to date and more interested in you.

    • Thanks for you comment I just wish if she was not interested she should just say so as I would rather her be honest to me then trying to let me guess.

    • With the ex she told me that she didn't know why she dated him as she had no feelings for him. And was asking me for 3 months to tell him that buy I said its down to you I'm not getting involved.

    • I understand that. Unfortunately, not everyone is as straightforward in these situations as they should be which leads to unnecessary confusion. :/

  • I think for her you are just a friend, and not more.


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