My GFs parents won't let her have our baby what do I do?

My girlfriend and me had sex and she is pregnant and we were happy because we are gonna be awesome parents much better than my parents for exmaple they won't let me stay up past midnight but yea lol so we told the awesome news to my parent and her parents and they both got super mad for some reason and they are saying we are too young but we aren't we are very mature plus i was babysitting for money so ofc i know how to take care of children being parents is super easy but yea they are telling us that she needs to get an abortion and we are both super sad from it and dont know what to do now help pleas?


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  • Let me ask you one question. Can’t you even pay your own taxes yet?


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  • well ur parents for the reason they got angry is because they just dont want u to have a kid at a young age reason why is because they dont want to pay for it either that or something else but uk what u could do instead of abortion give it to a friend let them take care it till ur old enough and ask for it back

  • I hope this is troll. Your a child yourself.

  • LMAO

    • This has to be fake no fucking way

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    • I get what you mean by that, but I’m not the one stuck with a kid at the age of 14 while most likely not even having figured out what you want to do for a living

    • I want to be an actor. Movies are cool and they make a lot of money, imagine the stuff i can buy my kid. Haha take that

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