Scared of being in a relationship, any suggestion ?

Before 8 months ago i had a decision to stay single forever... So i ignored ALL girls... I'm not gay and i have sexual and emotional orientation to the opposite sex, but i didn't want to be chained ! Then i slowly started to feel alone and need a girl by my side, so 8 months ago i decided to have a relationship, i started socialising, talking to girls etc.. And now i have almost 15 female friends which i found in this 8 months.
2 times with 2 different girls we felt really chemistry between us and clearly they expected me to kiss them.
1 time another girl started talking like " i feel nervous when im not with you.. When you're with me i feel cool and relaxed etc..
And today i kissed a girl..

Before these moments i wanted extremely to be in a relationship with those girls.. But as soon as these moments arrived, i started to feel really bad deep inside, i lost my will to be with them , i think i felt like my life is changing forever and im gonna lose all the good things that i have now, i panicked..

So any suggestions? Should i return to my decision before 8 months ago? Or should i do something else?
: )


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  • Just tell the girls the truth. Tell them you want it to be casual. Some girls won't like it. But some wouldn't mind. And do you know what's the thing about the relationships? mostly THEY DON'T LAST. so don't panic. You don't have to marry her just because you guys were in a relationship. You can break up when ever you couldn't take it anymore. But seriously if you want to do it, do it good. Find someone you really like. someone like a best friend who you can really talk and laugh deeply. You won't feel bad being with someone like that.

  • How about be honest and keep it as a casual relationship? Just having a label doesn't have to change your life. Be upfront on what you want.


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