Thoughts About Theatre Majors?

I've seen a lot of articles on the internet about how theatre majors are good for a pump and dump kinda thing but aren't made out for relationships at all. What are your thoughts on this? What would you do if you met a theatre major you were into?


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  • Actors are really self centered just in general. I would know seeing as I did theater in high school and my major in college was television and film, and some of my classes were required courses for a BA degree. They also typically don’t make a lot of money, especially the ones trying to make it in New York so it’s hard to expect them to be able to take care of you if they can’t really take care of themselves haha. They’re fun to date but in the long run it’s probably not smart


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  • Wait I'm confused so... you're talking about dating someone that's a theatre major. Not about the major itself.

    Why the hell does someone's major matter? I know some people that work in jobs that's completely different from what they majored in college.

    This is the first time I've seen someone choose who they want to date based on major.

    • This question is just based off of what I have seen other people say online. Good points tho

    • Don't believe everything you read online.

    • I was reading opinion based pieces so it wasn't really a matter of believing I'm just trying to get more opinions on the subject

  • The genes want what they want, just obey them. See how it goes. Don't let some dicks on a screen tell you how to live your life.
    Wait, shit


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