Is she playing games with me?

So I've seen this girl a couple of times and in person she really seems like she likes me. She even told me that she wanted to see me again. But, her thing is that she doesn't respond to my texts. I don't know if maybe she's just hesitant and shy or if she isn't interested. I just want to find out so I don't waste time chasing a girl who isn't interested.


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  • She's not that into you and that's why she's playing games because if she loses you then no big deal. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS GIRL!!! Because if she is playing games and your into her she will use you like a YO YO.. trust me.. your life will be hell.. You do not want a game player. It is a sign of disrespect to not text you back first and second it's gamer that keeps you on edge by not getting back promptly to your texts.. She saw your text trust me.. she just blew you off. MOVE ON!!! RUN!!!


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