Has anyone ever dated anyone with a contagious medical condition?

My boyfriend has recently been in and out of the hospital for medical issues, somewhere in the mix of all these hospital visits and surgical procedures he contracted MRSA. He lives about 6 hours from me so I have not been in contact with him for quite sometime. He is scared to have me visit, telling me he feels like a leper. Has anyone dated anyone with this super bug? Or have a family member living with it? I'm scared as to how this is going to effect our future.. I still want to be with him. I'm just very worried.


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  • Both of you should wash your hands well and frequently (him---all the time; you---when your'e with him).

    He should bathe or shower regularly.

    He should keep any cuts, scrapes, or wounds covered with a clean bandage.

    He should avoid touching the area that is affected and if he does touch it, he should wash his hands immediately.

    Don't share personal items (i.e. towels, razors).

    When he washes his clothing, bedding, etc. he should dry them in the drier rather than hanging them to dry because it will help to kill bacteria.

    He should clean frequently touched areas in his house (phone, doorknobs, bathroom, countertops) with a disinfectant

    He should also avoid engaging in contact sports or using public equipment (gym equipment, pools, saunas, etc.) to avoid transmitting it to other people

    Contracting MRSA does not mean that he will have it forever. You didn't say which, but he may either be infected (has symptoms) or colonized (does not have symptoms). Both are contagious. If he has an active infection, he will be treated with antibiotics. If he is colonized, he will not receive any treatment, but will have to take precautions until he no longer tests positive for the infection.

    I'm assuming that the affected area is his surgical site. You're most likely to contract it from him if you come into contact with the affected site or if you have a weakened immune system.

    You can get MRSA through sexual activity because of the skin-to-skin contact. If he has concerns about you possibly contracting it from him related to intimacy, he should talk to his doctor about it. The doctor should be able to give him some better information about how to prevent transmission.

    • Thank you for your answer.. I was really rattled upon receiving this news. We decided that once the wound is healed and the first round of antibiotics is completed tat we are gonna go sit down with a doctor together and have him help us understand better the risks involved with this affliction.

    • Sounds like a good plan. Best of luck, hope this clears up quickly for him. :)

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  • Yes.

    • Yes what?

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    • Jesus. No need to get butt-hurt. I was just answering your question correctly. @AnonymousDude: Same goes for you. I don't see you helping.

    • It serves me right though for asking a question serious in nature on this site. I'm just looking for some comfort or guidance.

  • Maybe make an informed decision find out as much as possilbe the risks and go from their or buy a bio hazard suit...


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