Girls, How much does muscle matter on a guy?

I'm 17 and a junior, and I've accepted that I'm sadly going to remain KHV for junior year. But I'm thinking that due to my shitty social skills, I need a thing to get girls to like me besides that. I'm thinking about legit hitting the gym HARD (like, everyday) in the summer, so that when Senior year starts, I'll be desirable for the first time in my life. Is getting muscular a good way to get attention, or do I need to something better/other than muscles to get girls to notice me?


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  • You would have to figure in how you looked as well. Muscle is nice but facial features and personality needs to be tied in as well.

    • Personality wise, I'm not rude or pushy and am pretty patient tbh. My social problems are probably due to mild autism or something like that. I don't "click" with most people, girls or guys. Face wise, I'd say I'm about average, not really handsome, but certainly not hideous.

    • Ah. Well I would definitely try to work on social. Get out there and mingle amongst people show them why you would be a great friend.

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