Why don’t people think cheating is wrong?

It makes no sense when people use the debate “humans are not naturally monogamous.” If that’s the case, then don’t promise monogamy to someone if you don’t believe in it! Sexual relations/emotional relations outside the primary relationship are a violation of trust and consent if your partner DOESN’T know about it. I don’t get why some people are okay with cheating, or do it!


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  • Cheating has nothing to do with monogamy. It has to do with betraying another person’s trust. You can still cheat in an open relationship. The only difference is what is considered to be cheating. But yes, cheating is a seriously fucked up thing to do to someone.

    • Yes. I said that if your partner doesn’t know about you having sex with others, or you having an emotional relationship that it is wrong (i know you can cheat in open relationships too :) )

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    • Me neither. I tried to. But, I’ve realized a person who cheats and DOESN’T admit to it, is someone who is only sorry and tries to make it better because they got caught. My ex didn’t feel true guilt. I will never try and forgive or move past cheating again

    • A person who cheats and doesn't admit it isn't a person worth keeping around in any aspect of your life. That's why my mom's sister is here sister, but the bitch isn't my aunt.

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  • Those people are assholes who only care about themselves. I guarantee if they found out their significant other was fucking some other person they would be pissed. And if they weren't pissed, then they are worthless cucklords.

  • Cause it happens. Life isn't a fantasy. Divorce used to be considered evil too before we realized everyone in marriage cheats and almost everyone gets divorced. You don't get to own or control another human being. If they choose not to want to sleep with anyone else, great. If they choose not to then they simply didn't love u enough for a relationship of the level of seriousness that you had in mind.

    • Then why do they get into relationships with no intention of being loyal?

    • Most people have the intention. Just like most people get married thinking it's forever. But guess what, things change ! Time doesn't stand still

  • Self pride worth
    Or they've been structured throughout their lives in that they've been able to just smash a lot that they're unstoppable, my guess

  • people are self centered and good at rationallisation...


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